OppiaMobile Server Change Log for v0.14.x

v0.14.11 - released 30 Jun 2023

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1543 Add username to quiz & feedback response download file

  • OPPIA-1362 Upgrade to Django 4.2, and updates to other libraries

  • OPPIA-1423 Update to TastyPie 0.14.5

  • OPPIA-1575 Add django command for finding the associated course and activity for a specific quiz_id

v0.14.10 - released 27 Apr 2023

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1493 Python library updates

  • OPPIA-4 Consistency of: PermissionDenied, Unauthorised and redirect to login

  • OPPIA-1368 Update user views permissions check using a mixin

  • OPPIA-969/OPPIA-970 Added custom fields in login response and new API endpoint to fetch user data

  • OPPIA-1465 Additional API v2 tests to ensure they check all the returned object properties

  • Flake8 code formatting updates

v0.14.9 - released 31 Mar 2023

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1440 Add flake8 config file to use for the code formatting analysis

  • OPPIA-983 Fix cognitive complexity in profile/mixins/ExportAsCSVMixin.py

  • OPPIA-26: Extracted permissions checks to custom decorator and mixin

v0.14.8 - released 28 Feb 2023

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1414 Update Django to 3.1.18

  • OPPIA-1316 Remove user dropdown selection on cohort participant formset in Django Admin

  • OPPIA-1367 Update python/pip packages

v0.14.7 - released 31 Jan 2023

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1353 Update Python/PIP packages

  • OPPIA-1360 Set correct question id when a question is edited

  • OPPIA-1362 Store quiz attempt information in data recovery table when an error happens

  • OPPIA-1365 Add tests for adding moodle_question_id to feedback questions

  • OPPIA-1391 Close media file after use

  • OPPIA-1392 Display activity for the current day in the oppia dashboard graphs


  • OPPIA-1412 Take into account that more than one quizProps can exist

  • OPPIA-1414 Fix for downloading media directly from dashboard

  • OPPIA-1416 Fix for saving string (not object)

  • OPPIA-1422 Create new question if no question exist for a specific moodle_question_id

v0.14.6 - released 30 Nov 2022

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1331 Prep for upgrading to Django 4

  • OPPIA-1341 Fix bug in cohort criteria filtering

v0.14.5 - released 31 Oct 2022

Issue list:

  • Upgrade django (to 3.2.16) and other libraries (django-ses, django-sass-processor and reportlab)

  • Minor sonarcloud fixes

v0.14.4 - released 30 Sept 2022

Issue list:

  • Update library package versions

  • OPPIA-1255 Solved Github action failing when it includes a migration

  • OPPIA-1257 Update for Google Analytics

  • OPPIA-1302 Reordering quiz questions creates duplicate quiz-question pairs in the QuizQuestion DB table

v0.14.3 - released 31 Aug 2022

Issue list:

  • Update to Django 3.2.15

  • OPPIA-1149 Fix UnorderedObjectListWarning warnings

  • OPPIA-959 Fix media download count display

  • OPPIA-1264 Fix test failure on upload course with Github workflow actions

  • OPPIA-1198 Convert commonly repeated strings to constants

  • OPPIA-1161 Add tests for av.views.download_media_file

  • OPPIA-1194 Show all dates on daily course activity report

  • OPPIA-1083 Generate cohorts based on user profile filters/criteria

  • OPPIA-1307 Cohort Creation: Course/Teacher/Student values disappear (HOTFIX 10 Oct 2022)

v0.14.2 - released 27 Jul 2022

Issue list:

  • Update Django to 3.2.14 and external libraries

  • OPPIA-1121 Enhance cohort capability to make a specific course accessible to only certain user group

  • OPPIA-1175 Allow statuses available to be configurable on the server

  • OPPIA-1151 Remove sass_processor default_app_config

  • OPPIA-1258 Course is published even if the status validation fails

  • OPPIA-1261 Can’t save cohort if dates not entered

v0.14.1 - released 30 Jun 2022

Issue list:

  • Update library package versions for Pillow, openpyxl and xmltodict

  • OPPIA-1174 Prevent re-publishing of course depending on status

  • OPPIA-1250 Fix for course category API listing

  • OPPIA-1251 Fix CleanUpQuizzesTest

  • OPPIA-1176 Refactor use of DailyCourseUser and DailyCourseUsers tables/models

  • OPPIA-1253 Cron fails if type column in Tracker table is None/Null

  • OPPIA-907 Create backup store of unrecognised tracker/quiz data

v0.14.0 - released 30 May 2022


This release moves to using Django 3.2

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1144 Upgrade to Django 3.2

  • OPPIA-1146 Replace django.utils.translation.ugettext_lazy() with django.utils.translation.gettext_lazy()

  • OPPIA-1153 Anonymization command, use string type for password

  • OPPIA-1152 Replace “ifequal” template tag

  • OPPIA-1147 Replace django.conf.urls.url() with django.urls.re_path()

  • OPPIA-1148 Replace request.is_ajax() as is deprecated

  • OPPIA-1150 Replace Signal(providing_args)

  • OPPIA-1158 Remove unused function parameters

  • OPPIA-1135 In summary tables in django admin - make view only, prevent adding/editing/deletion of rows

  • OPPIA-1125 Initial database views

  • OPPIA-1165 Simplify how course status is represented

  • OPPIA-1167 New read-only status

  • OPPIA-1162 Show course link if user can_view_course_activity

  • OPPIA-1166 Media missing event being tracked incorrectly

  • OPPIA-1199 Fixes from Sonarcloud analysis

  • OPPIA-1173 Add status icons

  • OPPIA-1212 Download tracker duplicated

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