OppiaMobile Development Roadmap

Server v0.12.0 and App v6.8.0

  • Support for Python 3 and Django 2.x
  • Adding more comprehensive (automated) release testing process (app)

Short term

  • Initial integration for DHIS2
  • Improved and more intuitive way to embed video/audio content. Requires updates to Moodle block and Oppia server.

Medium term

  • Restricting course access to particular users - for example where Oppia may be used for paid courses
  • Improved gamification and implementing the OpenBadges spec
  • Export activity & experiences using xAPI to a learning record store
  • Integration with data collection platforms (eg OpenSRP) - being able to launch particular learning activities within the data platform, then also being able to match up data/accounts from Oppia and external platforms.

Long term

  • Adaptive learning content and quizzes
  • Improved teacher/supervisor tools
  • Integration with messaging platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram)