OppiaMobile Server Change Log for v0.13.x

v0.13.1 - released 2 May 2022


The new course status is not backwards-compatible with previous versions of the app (v7.3.7 and below), so best to avoid actually using this new course status until your users have app v7.3.8 (or above). If courses are given the new course status, but users have older versions of the app, the course may show as being available to download.

Issue list:

  • Update to Django 2.2.28

  • OPPIA-1141 Update Python/PIP packages

  • OPPIA-1120 Option to flag non-target users

  • OPPIA-1112 Allow settings config for cron not running warning

  • OPPIA-1071 New course status - unavailable for new install/download

  • OPPIA-709 GitHub workflows - able to read/write files for tests

  • OPPIA-1124 Update summary tables to enable filtering by user profile fields

  • OPPIA-1164 Update quiz summary calculations

  • OPPIA-1186 Fix “expected failing” tests when needing ffmpeg

v0.13.0 - released 28 Mar 2022


This release moves to using Python 3.8, so you will need to follow the upgrade instructions below.

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1000 Update to use Python 3.8

  • OPPIA-1058 Fix for time taken data report

  • OPPIA-973 Add django-storages as server required package

  • OPPIA-1074 Add tests for regenerate_course_structure command

  • OPPIA-1001 Update Pillow library to 9.0.1 and mysqlclient==2.1.0

  • OPPIA-1006 Add automated create/update date fields on profile models

  • OPPIA-800 Update the summary_usercoursesummary to record progress in old and current versions of the course

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