OppiaMobile Server Change Log for v0.12.x

v0.12.25 - released 1 Mar 2022

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-1005 Data loss for field “phone_number”

  • OPPIA-938/955 Update course XML schema to reflect latest changes

  • OPPIA-1061 Update django to 2.2.27

  • OPPIA-1068 Update google analytics js script

  • OPPIA-1065 Completed activities is displaying incorrectly in usercoursesummary

  • OPPIA-960 Fix issue with media download file

v0.12.24 - released 29 Jan 2022

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-978 Update Django to 2.2.26

  • OPPIA-980 Fix rel=noopener issue from sonarcloud

  • OPPIA-937 On bulk user upload do not reset existing users passwords

  • OPPIA-940 On bulk user upload add option to only update data, not overwrite

  • OPPIA-886 Uploading user data ignores first column

  • OPPIA-1019 On course upload, update quiz props (in server and XML) regardless of digest changes

  • OPPIA-862 Error uploading activity log files when they contain emojis

  • OPPIA-867 Activitylog upload table should record all uploads

  • OPPIA-935 User search doesn’t work if there are required custom profile fields

v0.12.23 - Released 31 Dec 2021

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-908 - Add report for missing media

  • Minor changes to fields shown on django admin list pages

  • OPPIA-925 Error with course feedback exports

  • OPPIA-876 On update_summaries add extra info on progress

  • OPPIA-968 Fix for incorrectly updating user profile data to be blank

v0.12.22 - Released 27 Nov 2021


  • See the full release notes for configuring automated error emails.

  • For the Server dashboard always shows all media always completed (#OPPIA-903), the update_summaries command will need to be run from the start - see the upgrading notes

  • In this release, a field was added to record the course_version of the course in each tracker, see the upgrading notes to populate the current values

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-809 TypeError at /course/42/exports/trackers/ - update defusedxml library

  • OPPIA-858 Add “backfill_api_keys” to the regular cron script

  • OPPIA-836 Add tests for clean_certificates command

  • OPPIA-868 Set up automated error emails

  • OPPIA-855 Allow advanced search on custom fields

  • OPPIA-859 Exporting users with custom profile fields

  • OPPIA-857 Allow adding of new user with all custom fields

  • OPPIA-766 Number of media files to download shows as incorrect

  • OPPIA-903 Server dashboard always shows all media always completed

  • OPPIA-897 User images on leaderboard

  • OPPIA-877 Paginate AV listing page

  • OPPIA-807: Fix MultipleObjectsReturned error for quizzes in course reports view

  • OPPIA-802: Record the course version in the Tracker table

v0.12.21 - Released 29 Oct 2021

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-808 UserNotFound error on exporting trackers

  • OPPIA-788 Add server setting to determine if users should be able to edit their profile

  • OPPIA-753 Spaces in media filenames can’t be played

  • OPPIA-803 Monthly active users graph seems awry

  • OPPIA-835 Remove some deprecated code for media embed helper

v0.12.20 - Released 23 Sept 2021

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-738 Split up update_summaries to different methods

  • OPPIA-690 Add category to SettingProperties

  • OPPIA-761 Download course can fail if there are very old quiz trackers

  • OPPIA-760 Django admin viewing QuizAttemptResponses takes very long time

  • OPPIA-711 Management command to remove unused certificate pdfs

  • OPPIA-768 Shouldn’t regenerate certificate if name is None

  • OPPIA-772 Certificate generation issue

  • Update Pillow library to 8.3.2

  • OPPIA-751 Teachers and normal users get 403 unauthorized when going to courses page

v0.12.19 - Released 15 July 2021


  • For the downloading of time spent in courses (#OPPIA-702), the update_summaries command will need to be run from the start - see the upgrading notes

  • The option to upload media within the dashboard interface, and use the media_embed_code for adding media in Moodle has been removed. All media files should be directly embedded in Moodle.

  • Check permissions for the certificates folder (see full release notes)

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-679 Add option to specify the display name for a certificate

  • OPPIA-700 On bulk user upload, add option to include custom registration form fields

  • OPPIA-693 Add option to regenerate a certificate for a user

  • OPPIA-702 Export/accessing time-tracking data

  • OPPIA-487 Deprecate media embed helper

  • OPPIA-58 Option to register server

  • OPPIA-708 Add tests for serverregistation update management task

  • OPPIA-680 User profile gives page not found when linking through to an archived course

  • OPPIA-14 Don’t save search tracker if query is blank

  • OPPIA-517 On time spent graphs update y-axis to use H:M:S format

  • OPPIA-705 Quiz result rounding

  • OPPIA-703 Cohort leaderboard doesn’t link through to users

  • OPPIA-706 Get unauthorised message if teacher user clicks on Cohorts in breadcrumb trail

  • OPPIA-406 Server dashboard access log - check all pages covered

  • OPPIA-719 Cover the Cohort pages by the dashboard accessed logs

  • HOTFIX for update_summaries with timezone

v0.12.18 - Released 22 Jun 2021


The oppiacron task should be run as an admin/sudo user

Issue list:

  • Update to Django 2.2.24

  • OPPIA-634 Detect if certificate is portrait or landscape - and check correct size

  • OPPIA-664 Management command to clean media/courses dir

  • OPPIA-629 Be able to verify a certificate

  • OPPIA-630 Add option to email certificate

  • OPPIA-628 Extra tests for certificates

  • OPPIA-651 Speed up retrieval of the leaderboard

v0.12.17 - Released 26 May 2021

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-596 Add report for daily course downloads

  • OPPIA-622 Initial work for certificates

  • OPPIA-638 Pick up email prefix from the app_name

  • OPPIA-640 Upgrade required library imports

  • OPPIA-591 Allow access to download older versions of quiz and feedback responses

v0.12.16 - Released 25 April 2021

Issue list:

  • Update to Django 2.2.20

  • Automatically clear expired sessions as part of oppiacron task

  • OPPIA-587 API endpoint for username reminder

  • OPPIA-584 Improved password reset process

  • OPPIA-560 API endpoint to delete account

  • OPPIA-557 Add report on inactive users

v0.12.15 - Released 26 Mar 2021

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-31 Rename ‘tags’ to be ‘categories’ to match app and block

  • OPPIA-571 Upgrade Django, Pillow and django-ses packages

  • OPPIA-343 Explore feedback answers

v0.12.14 - released 1 Mar 2021

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-489 Update to use current approach for loading google charts

  • OPPIA-22 No need to show quiz table and quiz info if there are no quizzes in the course

  • OPPIA-269 Class based views for oppia/course

  • OPPIA-268 Class based views for oppia/cohort

  • OPPIA-505 Provide course completion badge criteria in server info

  • OPPIA-289 API endpoint for getting the course structure

  • OPPIA-401 API endpoint to get summary of users course progress

v0.12.13 - Released 21 Dec 2020

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-496 Add option for giving start/end dates for reports

  • OPPIA-497 Add report for search terms used

  • OPPIA-502 Additional badge awarding criteria option

v0.12.12 - Released 27 Nov 2020

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-271 Class based views for integrations

  • OPPIA-43 Define constants at module level

  • OPPIA-57 UploadMedia - add option for title, organisation and license

  • OPPIA-270 Class based views for oppia/home

  • OPPIA-467 Report for unique no users, filterable by any customfield definition

  • OPPIA-471 Add report for daily active users (initial version)

  • OPPIA-437 New export block not including media length (update fix)

  • OPPIA-472 Add report for monthly active users (initial version)

  • OPPIA-473 add report for total and average time spent

  • OPPIA-484 Add option to show only live courses

  • OPPIA-266 Class based views for profile/user

  • OPPIA-422 Add mocks for testing ip2location and cartodbupdate commands

  • OPPIA-194 Testing warning about native datetimes received when timezone support is active

v0.12.11 - Released 27 Oct 2020

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-437 New export block not including media length

  • OPPIA-451 Add basic Oppia branding to the Django Admin pages

  • OPPIA-455 Add data retention script

  • OPPIA-458 Management command to remove unused tags

  • OPPIA-460 Add quiz management command for quiz difficulty/discrimination indices

  • OPPIA-461 Update quiz cleanup command

v0.12.10 - Released 29 Sept 2020

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-378 Graphs on summary page showing beginning of month

  • OPPIA-412 Publish API can raise MultiValueDictKeyError

  • OPPIA-413 Summary cron lock doesn’t always get removed

  • OPPIA-397 Weblink/Intent for opening/downloading a specific course

  • OPPIA-414 Create script to anonymise database

v0.12.9 - Released 26 Aug 2020

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-389 Allow downloading of Quiz data in similar way to the feedback responses

  • OPPIA-381 Badges awarded not always getting added into the UserCourseSummary table

  • OPPIA-346 Error message when trying to use the makemessages command

v0.12.8 - released 31 July 2020

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-334 If no email is entered when a user registers, it shows (‘’,) as the email address in the Django admin

  • Bugfix for Android Intent

  • Update Pillow library version

  • OPPIA-344 Display the feedback activity responses

  • OPPIA-349 Allow course owners to access draft courses

v0.12.7 - released 1 July 2020

Key updates:

  • Upgrade to Django 2.2.13

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-331 Crash when Admin logs in the first time in a brand new server installation

  • OPPIA-319 In the download courses, make the course listing appear in the same order with the course priority value

  • OPPIA-56 UploadMedia - ability to download all media for a course

  • OPPIA-342 Search users gives a server error

  • OPPIA-369 Course download stats on the course detail page don’t match the course list

  • OPPIA-368 Export of detailed activity to Excel causes error

  • OPPIA-5 Set up IPstack for users country locations

v0.12.6 - released 4 May 2020

Key updates:

  • bug fixes

  • code restructuring for class based views

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-281 Add v2 of the API on the server

  • OPPIA-285 Store time taken for quiz attempts

  • OPPIA-275 Class based views for activitylog

  • OPPIA-273 Class based views for content

  • OPPIA-18 Cursor error when running summary cron on SQLite db

  • OPPIA-200 Graphs on summary page aren’t formatted correctly

  • OPPIA-264 Class based views for profile/manage

  • add django admin search options for some models

  • Updated Pillow package

  • OPPIA-228 Add API endpoint to return the media embed variables

  • OPPIA-260 Show full list of activities and digests for a course

  • OPPIA-310 Deleting a user deletes the current account, not the intended one

  • OPPIA-318 Occasional issues being unable to download courses in the app - “install failed”

v0.12.5 - released 18 Mar 2020

Key updates:

  • Update to Django 2.2.10

  • Option to update profile

  • Improved configuration options

  • Sonarcloud and Django code improvements implemented

Issue list:

  • OPPIA-193 Django-GCM package no longer required

  • OPPIA-206 Move OPPIA_ALLOW_SELF_REGISTRATION to be bool instead of int

  • OPPIA-28 Activity map page configuration

  • OPPIA-16 Github actions: new migration

  • OPPIA-17 Github actions: static files

  • OPPIA-197 Fix the sonarcloud code smells for oppia server

  • OPPIA-258 Fix next redirection vulnerability

  • OPPIA-241 When downloading a course from the server interface, it doesn’t increase the “downloads by users”

  • OPPIA-191 Use get_or_created in uploader.py

  • OPPIA-262 Class based views for reports

  • OPPIA-249 Class based views for av

  • OPPIA-13 Remove management command to update short answer scores

  • OPPIA-197 Fix the sonarcloud code smells for oppia server

  • OPPIA-276 Migrate to using django.urls.path()

  • OPPIA-277 Add email field in the LOGIN response

  • OPPIA-95 Add option for user to edit their profile - online only

v0.12.4 - released 29 Jan 2020

Key updates:

  • update to Django 2.2.9

  • additional tests and improved code coverage (85%+)

Issue list:

  • 717: Create OppiaTestCase class to be used in tests (#717)

  • 586: Add tests for quiz/management/commands/check_duplicate_quizzes.py (#586)

  • 721: Add permissions and tests for the new QuizAttempt/detail views (#721)

  • 566: Add tests for profile password reset (#566)

  • 550: SonarQube - complexity of profile/views.py - several functions (#550)

  • 713: Quiz language dictionaries not being saved correctly (#713)

  • 710: Add tests for gamification/forms.py (#710)

  • OPPIA-32 - Move some other settings from settings.py/settings_secret.py to SettingProperties

v0.12.3 - Released 20 Dec 2019

Key updates:

  • Allow custom fields for profile form

  • API for profile updating

  • Refactoring of API code

  • SonarCloud fixes for duplicate code, code smells and test coverage

  • Remove deprecated quiz API endpoints

Issue list:

  • 697: Fix email sending (#697)

  • 692: Add specific test for implementation (#692)

  • 645: Emailing password reset not working (#645)

  • 682: Update user profile to include custom fields (#682)

  • 687: Add API endpoint for user to update their profile info (#687)

  • 699: Split out api/resources.py into separate files (#699)

  • 605: Remove signup_callback function (#605)

  • 660: In tests for file opening use with … as … instead of file= (#660)

  • 700: Course_download_views allows anyone to download any course (#700)

  • 684: Remove OPPIA_*_EARN_POINTS settings (#684)

  • 709: Upload users function does not work (#709)

  • 552: SonarQube - complexity of quiz/management/commands/update_short_answer_scores.py handle function (#552)

  • 587: Duplicate code blocks in quiz management commands (#587)

  • 548: SonarQube - complexity of oppia/uploader.py - several functions (#548)

  • 551: SonarQube - complexity of quiz/api/serializers.py format_quiz function (#551)

  • 547: SonarQube - complexity of oppia/signals.py tracker_callback function (#547)

  • 712: Quiz API… mainly deprecated? (#712)

  • 678: Display user full quiz attempts and responses (#678)

  • 711: Split out oppia/view.py and profile/view.py into separate files? (#711)

v0.12.2 - Released 27 Nov 2019

Key updates:

  • Additional logging of course publishing

  • Updates for PEP8/Flake8 formatting of code

  • Add pytest integration with Github workflows

  • Remove old/redundant code

Issue list:

  • Updated version of Pillow - https://github.com/DigitalCampus/django-oppia/pull/669

  • 441: Keep log of when a course is republished with the old/new activities - (#441)

  • 542: Remove OPPIA_EXPORT_LOCAL_MINVERSION setting - (#542)

  • 676: Add tests for quiz attempts in activity log upload - (#676)

  • 680: Check that the server can be set up with SQLite as the db - (#680)

  • 512: Remove GCM push/device admin functionality (#512)

  • 685: Add pycodestyle to requirements (#685)

  • 672: Find out why media views showing as 0 (#672)

  • 683: Replace raw_input() with input() (#683)

  • 688: Configure github workflow yml file (#688)

  • 666: Make left hand side bar collapsible (#666)

  • 692: Add specific test for implementation (#692)

  • 667: test_quiz_attempt_points_included test failing (#667)

v0.12.1 - Released 15 Oct 2019

Key updates:

  • Updated version of Django

  • Initial version of DHIS2 export

Issue list:

  • 648: Update to django 2.2.x (#648)

  • 664: Cohort leaderboard shows empty page (#664)

  • 663: Initial version of DHIS2 export (#663)

  • 564: In management commands replace print() with self.stdout.write() (#564)

v0.12.0 - Released 17 Sept 2019

Key updates:

  • Moving to Python 3 and Django 2

  • Use material design layout

Issue list:

  • 539: Moving to python 3 and django 2 (#539)

  • 468: RemovedInDjango20Warning - update for deprecation/changes (#468)

  • 571: For python 3 - replace __unicode__ with __str__ in models (#571)

  • 591: Update media_url_check to remove urllib2 dependency (#591)

  • 601: Python 3 - v0.12.0 branch - check usage of urllib/urllib2/urllib3 (#601)

  • 640: Error with Gamification db migrations on v0.12 branch (#640)

  • 577: Drawer menu for admin users (#577)

  • 625: Crispy-forms - move to using the BootStrap4 template pack (#625)

  • 639: Merge material design branch into latest dev branch (#639)

  • 635: Points/gamification not working on staging server with python 3/django 2 (#635)

  • 636: Deprecation warning for BaseException.message (#636)

  • 638: Fix tests for v0.12.0 branch (#638)

  • 649: Date range selector with styles that match the customizable theme (#649)

  • 646: Upload view fails if user has no associated UserProfile (#646)

  • 650: Add tests for activitylog upload (#650)

  • 655: Updates from SonarQube recommendations (#655)

  • 585: Add tests for recent updates to activity log (#585)

  • 189: Remove CourseXML class as no longer used? (#189)

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