Upgrading to OppiaMobile Server v0.12.22

Update packages

  1. Run: (env)$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Update database

  1. Run: (env)$ python manage.py migrate

Populates the course_version field in the tracker model

In this release, a field was added to record the course_version of the course in each tracker. The current saved trackers don’t have that value filled, but we can populate it based on the current course activities.

To do it, run the following command:

(env)$ python manage.py populate_courseversion

Configure automated error emails

For receiving the automated error emails (#OPPIA-868), you’ll need to ensure that in your settings_secret.py:

  • your site is in Debug = False mode (i.e. a production server)

  • you have email sending configured (see: 11. Configure email (recommended))

  • a valid email address to send the error emails to, eg ADMINS = [('admin name', 'admin@email.org')]

Run update_summaries from start

  1. Run the update summaries command from start: (env)$ python manage.py update_summaries --fromstart

  2. This might take a long time (hours) for large implementations, but is required to make sure the data for the no media completed is stored correctly

Update static files

  1. Run: (env)$ python manage.py compilescss - don’t worry about the unclosed files warning messages

  2. Run: (env)$ python manage.py collectstatic