OppiaMobile Server Change Log for v0.9.x

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v0.9.12 - Released 22 Jan 2018

v0.9.11 - Released 29 Sept 2017

v0.9.10 - Released 22 Jun 2017

v0.9.9 - Released 7 Apr 2017

v0.9.8 - Released 5 Jan 2017

v0.9.7 - Released 20 Sept 2016

v0.9.6 - Released 26 Jul 2016

v0.9.5 - Released 8 Jul 2016


This release implements significant performance improvements on the server dashboard and has been achieved by caching a lot of the data needed to generate the activity graphs and progress. After updating to this version, you will need to check that a regular cron task is set up to run the oppia/summary/cron.py script. It may take some time (10 mins+) to run the first time if you have a lot of existing data, but after that each time the cron task is run should take only a few seconds. If the cron task is not set up to run, then you will not see any activity in the dashboard graphs.

v0.9.4 - Released 2 May 2016


Make sure that django.contrib.staticfiles is included in your INSTALLED_APPS setting (for issue #305 above)

v0.9.3 - Released 22 Feb 2016

v0.9.2 - Released 10 Dec 2015

v0.9.1 - Released 23 Oct 2015

v0.9.0 - Released 11 Oct 2015