OppiaMobile Server Change Log for v0.10.x

v0.10.1 - Released 23 Nov 2018


Run pip install -r django-oppia/requirements.txt after upgrading to this version, since new packages and an updated version of Django is used.

Update calls to the cartodb_update and ip2location functions to use management commands instead

Key updates:

  • updated version of Django, to 1.11.11 LTS

  • improvements to media uploading

  • support for points assigned offline by the app

  • code improvements and bug fixes

Issue list:

v0.10.0 - Released 1 Feb 2018


This release requires Django 1.11 LTS. Previous versions were targeted for Django 1.8 LTS, so an upgrade of your Django will be required when updating to this version of the OppiaMobile server.