Configuring your own version of the app

Once you’ve cloned the OppiaMobile Android app code and check you can compile and run the app on your device, there are some changes you should make to the configuration.

The main reason to make these changes is so that you can:

  • Submit your app to the Google Play Store - you won’t be able to submit an unchanged clone of the core version to Google Play as the package name is already used.

  • Receive automatic notifications of any errors your users may get when using the app

  • Automatically have the app connect to your OppiaMobile server, and override other default settings from the core version

Rename applicationId

Update the app/build.gradle changing the applicationId value to a new one, keeping with the ‘reverse url’ type notation, so for example, replace with org.myorgname.myproject.oppia.

Create file

Follow the instructions in Settings and Defaults to create a file to override any default settings in the core Oppia, such as the server connection url and error reporting API key.

App title and welcome message

To update your app title and company/organisation name, open the app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file and edit the ENTITY strings for:

  • appName

  • companyName

You should also change these strings in the other language string files, eg app/src/main/res/values-fi/strings.xml

For updating the welcome message, you’ll need to update the strings for:

  • fragment_welcome_title

  • fragment_welcome_desc

  • fragment_welcome_login_info


The colours used in your app can be updated in the theme.xml and colors.xml files.

Course activity and topic/section icon sizes

You can adjust the activity and topic/section icon sizes by changing the course_index_section_icon_size property in theme.xml.