Customising the Gamification (Points and Badges)


  • Updated points will not be applied on the users devices until they download the updated version of the course.

  • Changes to the course completion badge method will be applied straight away

The gamification events are defined as follows:

  • course_downloaded - no points awarded for downloading the course

  • quiz_first_attempt - no points for the first time the quiz is attempted

  • quiz_attempt - no points each subsequent attempt at a quiz (max. once per day per quiz)

  • quiz_first_attempt_threshold - the quiz score percentage needed to get the quiz_first_attempt_bonus

  • quiz_first_attempt_bonus - bonus points for getting at least the quiz_first_attempt_threshold in the quiz on the first attempt

  • activity_completed - no points for the completing a page activity (max. once per day per activity)

  • media_started - no points for starting to play a media file (max. once per day per media)

  • media_playing_interval - number of seconds the media needs to be played to get the media_playing_points_per_interval

  • media_playing_points_per_interval - no points for each media_playing_interval

  • media_max_points - maximum number of points available for each media view

Changing the Global/Default Points

You can edit the global/default points by:

  1. Go to the Django Admin pages

  2. Go to Gamification > Default Gamification Events

  3. Select the event to change the points for and save

Customising Course and Activity Level Points

To customise the points for a particular course and its activities:

  1. Go to the courses list in the Oppia server dashboard

  2. Click on the Gamification Settings icon for the course to update (the icon on the far right of the row)

  3. You’ll now see the gamification customisation screen:

  4. If you’d like to change the points at the course level (e.g. so every quiz in the course has 50 points for the first attempt, rather than the default of 20), then select the Course global settings, then Edit settings:

  5. If you’d like to change the points just for a specfic activity, perhaps the final quiz gives users more points than other quizzes, expand the relevant topic in the course structure and navigate to the activity you’d like to update, then click the edit icon:

  6. For updating the points for the media that are included in the course, these are listed at the end of the course structure, under the Media elements section:



Remember to click the save settings button at the end of the page after you are finished with editing the points.

Change course complete badge award method

  1. Go to the Django Admin pages

  2. Go to Oppia > Badges

  3. Click on the Course completed record to edit it

  4. Change the default  method field to the method you’d like to use, then save

Change percentage of activities needed to complete the course


This setting is only used when the course complete badge award method is set to all_quizzes_plus_percent

  1. Go to the Django Admin pages

  2. Go to Settings > Settings

  3. Click on the OPPIA_BADGES_PERCENT_COMPLETED record to edit it

  4. Change the int value field to the percentage you’d like to use, then save