Testing your course on your mobile

If you would like to test out your course on your mobile but without publishing it and making it available for learners, you can directly install the course on your mobile (also know as ‘sideloading’). Once you have edited your course content, export and download the OppiaMobile package (from the Moodle block in your course).

Then copy this zip file directly onto your phone SD card. Copy it into the:


directory (there is no need to unzip the file) on your phone.

The exact path may differ depending on:

  1. what your sdcard is actually called on your device, or whether the app is set to use internal storage instead of the SD card.

  2. the package id of your app, org.digitalcampus.mobile.learning is for the core version of the Oppia app. Yours will likely be different

When you start up the OppiaMobile app, it will automatically install the course for you to test how it looks and feels on a mobile device.