Adding quizzes

Add all your questions as standard Moodle quiz questions and they will be exported to run as quizzes on the mobile device. Note that only questions which can be marked automatically can be exported, so any essay questions will not be exported as these require manual marking.

Essentially the question types supported are:

  • any question supported by the Moodle GIFT format (with the exception of essay) can be exported to OppiaMobile
  • Drag and drop questions are also supported

Randomising questions

Often you won’t want users to see the same questions in the same order every time they attempt a particular quiz. With Moodle and Oppia, you can set up a group of questions and specify how many of these questions will be randomly selected each time a user attempts a quiz. To do this:

  • In your quiz in Moodle, add all of the questions you want the randomised selection to be from
  • When you export to Oppia, you can select the number of questions that will be randomly selected each time the user attempts the quiz (see OppiaMobile Export Options - Explained)

Creating pre-tests

For creating a pre-test that users must complete in the Oppia app before they can access the course content, create your quiz in the ‘Topic 0’ section of your Moodle course (i.e. before any other topics/sections).