Using images in your course

Adding course icon/image

Go to your course settings page in Moodle and upload an image into the course summary field – this image will then be used as your OppiaMobile module image/icon. If you upload more than one image into this field, then the first one will be used.

Embedded images

Any images you embed into Moodle page resources will also be exported. To ensure they will display well on the mobile device without horizontal scrolling, it is best to keep the maximum width of any uploaded images to be around 400px. This also assists in keeping the course module filesize down and makes it easier for users to download your course.

Adding activity icons/images

You can add a custom image/icon for each activity. For page resources go to edit your page and upload your image/icon in the description field. For quiz activities, go to edit your quiz settings and upload you image/icon into the introduction field. All images will be automatically resized on export, so you don’t need to worry about figuring out the exact image dimensions/size. If you don’t specify a custom icon/image for your activity, but your activity includes an embedded image in the content, then this embedded image will be used as the icon. If there are no embedded images and no custom icon, then a generic icon will appear for your activity.