Export Step 1 - Course Configuration

Course Priority

To help specify the order in which courses should appear when users go to download courses in the given tag/category. And also when the course is displayed in the app main menu listing. For example, if you would like your courses to display in a particular order in which users should complete them.

Otherwise courses will display in alphabetical order in the app.

Course Categories

You must specify at least one category for your course, these are used as the categories in the app. If no categories are given then users will not be able to find your course in the app course downloads.

Course default language

The ISO-639 code that should be used as the default language for the course content when displayed to users.


In general you do not need to change this from the default en if your course has been set up correctly for multilingual content (see: Multilingual Interface and Content in the OppiaMobile App)

Course Sequencing

By default, this is set to none so a user will be able to jump around the course activities however they would like (with the exception of having completed the pre-test).

To prevent users ‘jumping’ around in this way, you can force users to complete the course content either by section/topic (select Sequencing within a section) or though the whole course (select Sequencing through whole course).


If your course includes quizzes, and you select Sequencing within a section or Sequencing through whole course, users must get at least the quiz pass threshold to be able to progress to the next activity.

Quiz Question Formatting

If your quiz content contains HTML tags for formatting of quiz questions, response options and question feedback, then select this option. Otherwise all the HTML formatting will be stripped from the quiz question, response options and question feedback.


The display of formatted HTML is only supported in version 7.3.2 or higher of the Oppia app. If you tick this option and users have a version below this, then they will see the HTML tags displayed in the quiz, i.e. <b>Question</b> instead of Question.

Play button overlay for media files

In some cases, you would create a poster/thumbnail image with a “play” icon to represent that the image is a video, to make more evident for your users that the image can be clicked to play some media content. Instead of adding this overlay manually, you can rely on the OppiaMobile export block to handle the process for you.

In the first step of the export process, you can check the “Video overlay” option to apply the “play” button overlay on top of the poster image for all the embedded videos in the course. If a video has a thumbnail image, during the export process some additional styling will be apply to the page content, adding a button that looks like this:


The styling of the button will apply the same color scheme of the currently selected theme (view Using stylesheets and javascript in your course). The background color for the button will take primary-color value as the color to apply.

Thumbnail icon sizes

Used to specify the size and dimensions of the icon images that appear in the app for activities and topics. By default these will be set to 256x256px for topic icons and 135x90px for activity icons, but these defaults can be changed in the main block settings.