Adapting Open University Moodle Content - under development

This describes the process and scripts Digital Campus has used to adapt content from the Open University (UK), for example the HEAT and OpenWASH content.

This content is already very well structured and edited, however there are a few areas that need to be updated so the courses display very well on OppiaMobile.

In terms of the ordering shown below, items 1 and 2 must be completed first, and there must always be a final quality assurance check, however the other items may be completed in any order or in parallel, since they are not dependent on each other.

1. Import courses to your Moodle server

Import the Moodle course onto your own Moodle server - you will need to have full access to the Moodle installation and database for this adaptation.

2. Apply scripts

Updating and applying the scripts that we used for the HEAT content adaptation. These remove OU specific stylesheets and navigation.

These scripts should be run in exactly this order, confirming succesful completion and expected results before running the next script. In Moodle you may need to purge the cache and/or save the course settings.

The scripts should be run from the command line - there is no user/web interface - and directly manipulate the Moodle database. They ought to work for all versions of Moodle v2.4.x - v2.9.x.

Firstly make a copy of settings.php named local_settings.php and update the information for your Moodle instance.

  1. 01-restructure-course.php - the original Moodle courses have all the activities in a single Moodle topic. This script uses the activity numbering to determine which section a course will appear in.

  2. 02-order-topics.php -

  3. 03-clean-course.php -

3. Apply styles

Apply more general stylesheet, for example for the in-text questions, notes, warnings - using the same icons etc used for the mobile adapted HEAT content.

Refer to helper/cleaning.php

4. Review of image and table content

Review of images and tables - to ensure they are resized/styled appropriately for display on mobile

5. Add activity icons/images

Adding activity icons/images

6. Adapt SAQs into Moodle quiz format

Adapt SAQs into Moodle quiz format - not all SAQ questions may be able to be adapted (depends on the complexity and type of question)

7. Quality Assurance and Review

QA check and review - the QA will focus on the layout/consistency of stylesheets/images/tables etc, but will not look at the actual content, spelling/grammar etc (as assume has already been very well reviewed for these aspects)

Appendix - Additional Helper Scripts