OppiaMobile Moodle Block Change Log

v1.2.12 - not yet released

  • OPPIA-902 and OPPIA-933 Restrict access to quizzes with password

  • OPPIA-927 Course sequencing setting not retained on re-export

v1.2.11 - Released 14 Nov 2021

  • OPPIA-891 Fix for maxattempts not being saved correctly

v1.2.10 - Released 29 Oct 2021

  • OPPIA-758 Too aggressive replacement of video file content

  • OPPIA-794 Fix issue with non-ascii characters in image filenames

  • OPPIA-763 Allow HTML layout in quiz/feedback questions and responses and quiz feedback

  • OPPIA-783 Allow adding topic icons/images

v1.2.9 - Released 24 Sept 2021, updated 5 Oct 2021

  • OPPIA-769 Error in block when debug output is enabled

  • OPPIA-805 Error on upgrading block

v1.2.8 - Released 16 July 2021

  • OPPIA-671 Export block tag/categories can get extra ‘-’ added

  • OPPIA-727 Update version of jquery used in block

v1.2.7 - Released 1 July 2021

  • OPPIA-154 Remove code related to export2print

  • OPPIA-713 New course style for Extension Essential app

  • OPPIA-670 Review SonarCloud Lint issues

v1.2.6 - Released 20 May 2021

  • OPPIA-594 Shouldn’t be able to progress to final export step if videos not exported yet

v1.2.5 - Released 29 Apr 2021

  • OPPIA-552 Page with video export doesn’t pick up the video poster image

v1.2.4 - Released 26 Mar 2021

  • OPPIA-453 Allow feedback questions to be optional

  • OPPIA-538 How to handle courses with multiple (identical) activities that have same digest

  • OPPIA-150 Remove check to see the server/block version for the type of quiz export

  • OPPIA-550 Feedback activities get exported as new activities on every export

  • OPPIA-551 Solved issue that only loaded the first embedded video in a page activity

  • OPPIA-530 Replace filesystem and URI unsafe characters for resource files

v1.2.3 - Released 23 Dec 2020

  • OPPIA-162 Allow deleting of server connections

  • Allow quiz pass threshold to be set to 0%

  • HOTFIX (2 Feb 2021) for video embedding

v1.2.2 - Released 27 Nov 2020


Version 1.2.x and above of the block requires you to be using Oppia server version 0.12.12 or above

  • OPPIA-437 New export block not including media length

  • OPPIA-442 Not picking up course status for title display

  • OPPIA-443 Video embed file doesn’t pick up a new version

v1.2.1 - beta version only

  • OPPIA-434 Change the content that the md5 digest is based on

v1.2.0 - alpha version only

  • OPPIA-286 Initial development for extracting Moodle embedded media from page activities

  • OPPIA-417 Retain the default server connection, even after a user adds their own

  • OPPIA-446 Begin to set up unittests for the Moodle Oppia export block

  • OPPIA-448 Drag and Drop quiz questions no longer work, so removed

v1.1.3 - Released 25 Oct 2020


Important Note: This release changes the digests for all activities, so any courses published with this version of the block, will have the activities set as new. This is a one-off change for future proofing if the Moodle activity object definition changes.

  • OPPIA-434 Change the content that the md5 digest is based on

v1.1.2 - Released 20 Oct 2020

  • OPPIA-459 Course and activity icon fixes

v1.1.1 - Released 29 Sept 2020

  • OPPIA-384 Server connections in Moodle export block - API key no longer necessary

  • OPPIA-383 Improve how draft courses are handled

v2020082400 - Released 24 Aug 2020

  • OPPIA-320 Image export can fail if image has been overwritten in Moodle

v2020072800 - Released 28 July 2020

  • OPPIA-366 On export from Moodle hidden activities are still being exported

v2020051600 - Released 16 May 2020

  • OPPIA-290 Finalise option to support Feedback activities

  • OPPIA-377 Update other moodle/oppia css styles for the other 2 options

v2020040401 - Released 4 Apr 2020

  • OPPIA-178 Fix issue with exporting feedback activities

  • Remove redundant code for processing/submitting quizzes directly to the server

  • OPPIA-321 Stylesheet for nested lists

v2020020101 - Released 1 Feb 2020

  • OPPIA-201 Fix issue with deleted activities still getting exported

  • OPPIA-147 Remove quiz ‘availability’ option

  • OPPIA-148 Remove quiz ‘allow try-again’ option

  • OPPIA-149 Rename ‘tags’ to be ‘categories’ to match app and server

  • OPPIA-159 Rename ‘stylesheet’ to ‘course design profile’ or similar

v2019103100 - Released 31 Oct 2019

v2019102800 - Released 28 Oct 2019

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