Rapid Deployment of OppiaMobile Implementation

This page describes the processes for a rapid set up and deployment of OppiaMobile


  • A technical person/team with experience in deploying OppiaMobile

  • An AWS account, or admin (root) access to a locally hosted server

  • A Google Play developer account, preferably a Ministry or government account

Oppia Server

Oppia App


  • Preferably any new content should be written and developed with mobile adaptation in mind from the start. Otherwise the content adaptation will take much longer.

  • Ensure a full review of the content takes place on an actual device

Deployment to users

  • For quickest deployment, the users can be pregistered in the app, and the content pre-loaded, although this is not possible for users who might be remotely installing the app themselves

  • Adapt or re-use the Initial Workshop for Users new to Android & Oppia