Updating Content using Oppia Export Block below v1.1.1


if you are using block version v1.1.1 or above, please refer to: Updating Content using Oppia Export Block v1.1.1 and above

For updating a course once it has been made live, there are 3 potential options, each with their own pros/cons and considerations:

Option A: Edit in-place in Moodle

You can just edit the original version of the course directly in Moodle, then:

  1. Export the course via the Oppia export block
  2. Do not publish the course to the Oppia server, even as a draft version
  3. Instead, directly download the course zip file, and ‘sideload’ this onto your device (see: Testing your course on your mobile)


  • This will preserve any user progress for unchanged activities when the course is finally made live.
  • Reviewers/Testers for the course do not need to be given staff/admin permissions on the Oppia server.


  • The course zip files need to be shared ‘manually’ to those who will be reviewing/testing.
  • If any urgent changes are needed to the content, before the final version is complete, this will not be possible without pushing out the unfinished version of the course.


  • In this option, publishing the course as a draft version will remove the option for learners to download the original/currently live version of the course.

Option B: Clone the course in Moodle

The process for this option would be:

  1. Create a copy of the course in Moodle (with a new course shortname, eg ‘course-v2’)
  2. Edit the new version of the course
  3. Export and publish this new version as a draft to the Oppia server
  4. Reviewers/Testers (with staff or admin permissions) will be able to directly download the new version into their Oppia app (without the new for ‘sideloading’). Although the sideloading option is still a possibility if you don’t want to give all the reviewers staff/admin permissions on the server
  5. Once the new version is ready, update the shortname of the old version, eg ‘course-v1’, then update the shortname of the new version to be the original
  6. The course can then be published live via the Oppia export block


  • Interim/urgent updates can be made to the original version of the course.
  • No need to distribute the course zip file manually and ask reviewers/testers to sideload


  • When published live, all activities will appear to the user as new activities, even those that haven’t been updated (since the id numbers in Moodle will have changed)
  • Reviewers and testers need to have staff/admin permissions